OK, back to some real world stuff…I’m seeing folks hyper-focused on the craziness in DC. I agree we need to ensure the integrity of our elections, but we need to take a step back and evaluate where we are now. And look for an u silver linings. Yes, I believe there just might be a silver lining…The Republicans as a total party (I’ll refer to them as The Party from here on), haven’t seemed to do much with the power we delivered to them over the last several years. I could run down a laundry list of promises not kept (I.e. defunding Planned Parenthood, ending Obamacare, cutting spending, etc) while they had plenty of opportunities.

First, let’s look at the whole picture. You can see the scope of the control of The Party in the different states here: https://www.atr.org/map?amp. They have the “trifecta” (holding both chambers and the governor’s mansion) in 24 states and control of both chambers in 7 additional. So on a state and local level, the sky isn’t falling, at least if we take The Party’s word at their conservative bent…we’ll come back to that. 😉 Nearly 186 million of the population is under majority Republican control…compared to almost 134 million with the Dems having at least two of of the 3 running their states.

An aside at the National level too…What was supposed to be an opportunity for Speaker Pelosi to expand her strangle hold on the US House saw her almost lose the majority (and could very well do so in 2022). Yes, the Senate is a mess, but, as I stated earlier, we need to refocus…Where you ask?

The answer is what our Founder’s originally envisioned…our daily lives should not be micromanaged by government, at any level, and most definitely not at the federal level. Don’t believe me, join.me in reading about what they said and did when they were setting up our country. For example, in Virginia, they gave the governor virtually no power. They didn’t want anything resembling the monarchy they were defying. We should turn our government on its head. We should have the jurisdictions closest to us handle all of the things that they can…city council, county supervisors, then state….with the Feds having a defined list for which they are responsible.

So, here we are…With the make up highlighted above about those we have hired to represent us across the country, shouldn’t we have conservative mecca’s popping up? Red versions of California and other progressive strong holds (h/t to Daniel Horowitz on this thought from this brilliant column: https://www.theblaze.com/op-ed/horowitz-a-conservative-blueprint-for-creating-an-american-sanctuary-through-localism). I would say, now is the time! It’s passed time to start demanding our employees start standing up for us…they need to stand up to the Feds by ignoring and pushing back on immoral “laws,” regulations, and other Draconian edicts through interposition and/or nullification. We are are too beholden to under 600 elected officials in DC! It’s long passed time for our employees at the state and local level to re-read the Constitution and rediscover terms like “Inalienable rights,” “enumerated powers,” and the 10th Amendment.

Don’t disengage…refocus. Get with like minded folks, IN PERSON. Email, websites, snail mail, and in person gatherings are likely going to be the way we will have to do the business of saving our society. Places like FB and other social media (on this note…how many of our tax dollars are going to these corporations, just here in Iowa?!) will continue to silence us, so we just might have to get back to basics…build relationships, sharpen your mind, and most importantly, pray for each other and future.

BTW, I know I mentioned The Party a lot here. Basically because I am a conservative, and they claim to hold my values. I believe that many of my more liberal friends (not sure I’d include full on “progressives” are soon to join) can see that something is wrong. I think we can come together and discuss real solutions. And that most of would agree that it’s much easier to hold our city council members accountable than it is the President of the country.

If you’d like to get together, I’d love to do so. Reach out and let’s have lunch or a drink and become actual friends, you know, the old school way.